Why use pad printing services?

Pad printing is one of the most important aspects of the modern printing industry and it is popularly known as tomography. Here, 3d images are created from 2d images and thus, only sophisticated printing process is used. The printing process is highly based on indirect offset and this is the reason 2d images can be easily converted and modified.

If you want to get the best pad printing services, then you got to hire any efficient printing company in your locality. If you have a printing division in your company, then you can definitely undertake these services in-house, but it is really quite convenient to outsource these printing services so that improved quality along with affordable price can be gained. If you think that this printing process is expensive, then you are completely wrong, as these are very much affordable.

What are the major uses of printed pads?
Different kinds of modern industries need pad printing services and some common industries are toys, sports equipment, appliances, apparel, automotive, medical and other related ones. Silicon pad has a great role to play in this type of printing, as it is mainly used for image conversion purposes in the concerned printing procedure.

If you are unaware of what actually the printing pads do, you can either log on to the Internet and go through the reviews of other customers or else, you can visit the official website of the company to know more about the same. Furthermore, if you are also not aware of the printing process, then you can follow the guidelines that are available in the form of demonstrative videos online. Different designers and engineers use pad printing in order to create absolutely exclusive signs with unique features.

Steps of pad-printing cycle

  • Sealed ink-cups are used over etched areas of printing plates for the purpose of image covering and ink filling.
  • After taking out the cups, excessive ink is taken out so that improved print impression can be created over the exposed etched space.
  • The pads on being pressed, transfer the ink to the targeted space so that images can be created properly and this is the main purpose of the printing process.
  • Tacky film filled with ink needs to be pulled off from the plates so that excess ink can be removed and prominent image impressions can be created.
  • For completing the entire procedure, it is very much necessary for the ink to reach the specified substrate.

Now, that you know more about what these printing services are, simply select the best provider to meet your needs.


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