Design Your Own Customized and Pre-printed PVC Cards

The Pre-printed PVC cards are a trouble-free alternative that can be used as a membership card, loyalty card and even as PVC business card. These cards are designed in a variety, mainly to showcase the brand of the company and are very valuable as they help build customer reliability. The cards can be designed according to the specifications required by the customers. The dimensions of these customized and Pre-printed PVC cards vary depending upon the requirement. The size of a normal card is about 3.375”x 2.125” and that of over-sized cards are about 3.88”x 2.63”. The oversized cards are normally used during events and even for identification of participants during sporting events.

Impressive Features of Customized PVC cards
Typically, these pre-printed PVC cards are available in 4 colors, and these can be designed with different color combinations. These cards are perfect for images of photographic quality as well as composite color designs. The process for which the card is used is stated through these cards.  The cards are uniquely designed so that they stand-out. These are made available even in silver and gold colors.

The best feature of these PVC cards is that they comprise about 60% of PVC and 40% of PET. The thickness of these cards is about 30mil, and it is widely used by people in different fields. A huge selection of these cards is printed with graphic quality to provide the card a professional look. The PVC cards are not very expensive, and it is a smart decision to print them at home itself. Getting cards outsourced from companies turns out to be very expensive, and printing them with a setup of your own is convenient as cards can be printed according to the requirements.

 How to Print PVC cards
Printing PVC cards is not at all difficult and one just needs to connect the printer with the computer. The installed software provides the commands to the printer, and then the PVC cards get printed. The other supplies that are required to cater the printing needs include the use of printer ribbons, laminates, and cleaning kits. To add some personal stuff to these cards like badge attachments, there are other accessories also available on the market. You can also change the design of the card as and when you desire, once you have the software installed in your system, and print as many numbers of cards you want.


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