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Learn Simple Methods of Heat Transfer Printing

The procedure of application of heat functional materials to different items along with an iron or heat press is described as heat transfer printing. These fabrics comprise a heat-sensitive bonding agent on one side and when the high temperature is applied by use of iron to the framework, the material holds on tight to the substrate to which it is being functional to attain a decorative garment. The iron-on transfers which a lot of children put on their shirts such as badges as well as sports emblem are illustrations of this heat transfer printing.

  Procedure of Printing
The printing procedure is very effortless, and it engages printing of illustrations on heat transfer paper. It is this paper that makes its application to be placed on the shirt. The method of printing is not very costly, and the procedure can be carried out at home without any difficulty. Many people can even start a small business at home of printing T-shirts as the equipments are easily available, and they do not require much of an investment. Even multi-colored and intricate photographic images can be printed on the t-shirt using this method.
It is possible even to carry out laser transfer using this equipment on top of light fabrics, and using best inks and media. The prints last for a long time and do not fade away with washing. With this type of printing method, it is possible to carry out printing even on plastics, metal as well as ceramics.

  Machinery in garment Industry
It is a cost-effective way of printing, which is of great use in the garment industry for the beautification of a large diversity of items like uniforms, school bags, T-shirts, caps, shawls, and for team uniforms. These printed items can be attained in different colors and can be given as promotional gifts by companies to promote their brand. The most imperative components that need to be considered during the printing procedure are the temperature, pressure and the time required.  The printing instruction for every material is different and so instructions need to be followed as well.

The machinery used for printing in the garment industry is robust in its construction, and it can be installed easily. The machines are very simple to use and designed using the latest technology and according to the international standards. It is compactly constructed, and can print on both round and flat articles.


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